Commission Information


Commissions are closed.


What Can You Commission?

Digital artwork of any character(s) for your personal use. I’ll draw just about anything (your original characters, fanart, etc.) as long as you provide enough reference/details.

The final file sent to you will be a high-resolution PNG (default size is 300 dpi at 11x17”), along with any other sizes and formats by request.


I will send a PayPal invoice for your specific commission once we’ve confirmed the details. Upon payment, I will begin drawing and keep you updated throughout the process, starting with initial rough sketches through to the final completed piece.


You are welcome to ask for revisions at the sketch period until we arrive at a base sketch that you’re happy with. If you want any adjustments after coloring/rendering, I can make up to 2 minor revisions.

How to Order & Contact Information

If you’d like to request a commission, please reach out to me via email at with the subject line “Digital Art Commission.”

All communication regarding commissions will be conducted over email.

Pricing (USD)

note: the following prices do *not* include detailed backgrounds

Type - Size: Price

Add a 2nd Character: half of the 1st character’s cost




flat color with simple shading


fully colored with detailed rendering and texturing



character portrait from the chest/shoulders up

Waist Up

artwork of a character from the waist up

Full Body

artwork of the entire character

Terms & Conditions


I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

Prices are subject to change. If a price for a piece has changed after the time of purchase, you will not be reimbursed or billed the difference.

Complex/NSFW Content

If a request is determined to be extra complex (requiring technical details for armor/mecha/etc. or comparative anatomy for furry characters), I will add a complexity fee of 30% to the invoice amount.

NSFW requests (partial nudity, mild suggestive/romantic content, or mild violence such as bruises, blood, etc.) are fine but I do not take R18 requests (pornographic, gore, etc.).


I reserve the right to post commissioned artwork for promotion purposes unless you explicitly request your commission be kept private at the time of purchase.

Allowed: Personal Use

Not Allowed: Commercial Use